Galalite is a  bioplastic which was developed at the end of the 19th century. It is made by immersing the naturally derived milk protein casein in formaldehyde. The name Galalite derived from the Greek words gala (milk) and lithos (stone). Producing Galalite works to some extent similarly to the making of cheese. Galalite is fireproof and can easily be pigmented. After World War II, Galalite was widely replaced by petroleum-based plastics. Many of the old Kauhava knives used galalite spacers and/or handles. Red only.

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  • Size: Diameter 9/16"
  • Price: $2 per inch
  • We have 3", 7", 10" - Please while ordering write in the 'notes' section what size you would like and we will adjust the price of your order.

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