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Small Scrimshawed Bone Handle Puukko


This knife is VERY low quality, not even worth 20 bucks. out of the package there were chips in the blade as well as a lack of a bolster so you have a hole in the top of the handle for crud to get stuck in next to the blade. The blade is not only very dull it is made of something I can only pin as aluminum and has a strange curve to it like it was cut from a pipe. The metal will not come sharp, or ever get sharp. It is way too soft and my blade was simply shredded in an attempt to sharpen it (this is why i think it's aluminum). And finally this is simply not a practical cutting tool, it is something suitable for a child's gift because it is not sharp, or even pointy.
Date Added: 08/21/2013 by Micah Rieke
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