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Update after summer use:

I gave this knife a heavy beating this summer. I used it to split wood (that the knife was long enough to split), whittling, making feather sticks, cutting willows and small branches for projects, collecting fir oil and pine resin, and of course, cutting open packaging, as well as slicing veggies and meat when cooking in camp. After a couple dozen trips into the trees, the knife has handled the wear well. The sheath does show some extra wear, and has loosened a bit, but if I hadn't cut it open when pulling the knife out carelessly, it would still have years left in it. Even now, I'm still using the sheath and it holds the knife in place just fine.

When splitting wood the knife became lodged in a knot and required a lot of beating to get out out, which cracked the birch handle. This wear was extreme and beyond what the knife was meant to handle, and aside from that cosmetic damage, the knife is still in great shape.

I would recommend this knife for every day and prolonged use to any one after this summer of near daily heavy use. This is a very high quality product.
Date Added: 10/03/2009 by Dominic Morton
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