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Thank you

Saturday 08 December, 2007

Thank you. It is so hard to get a straight answer and you provide me with one in under twenty four hours! The Wolverine is a wonderful knife, frighteningly sharp and easy to maintain. Thanks for providing it.
Testimonial By: Burt Hopkins Jr. — Delaware

I love them all

Saturday 08 December, 2007

I was looking at the online catalog when I realized that I have three fixed blade Kellam knives in my Jeep. Two in the workbench drawer Three folding knives in and on my dresser and two fixed blades in my display cabinet. And two folders in the cabinet. The ones in my Jeep and bench are users and they do take a beating sometimes. My carry folders have the wood handles and have darkened from use. I love them all and they really are sturdy and sharp. Oh, by the way, I see three more I like...
Testimonial By: John Klingensmith — Florida

I'm very pleased

Saturday 08 December, 2007

That was a very nice reply from you and frankly, I was kind of taken off balance by such a good customer service. So far, I'm very pleased with the company, the products and it's philosophy.
Testimonial By: Simon Dufour — Canada


Saturday 08 December, 2007

I am using one of the Wolverine's and thus far have enjoyed it against everything I have cut. I do believe this edge is going to outlast most carbon steel blades of similar size and shape.
Testimonial By: W. Fred Flanagan

Your customer service is number 1

Saturday 08 December, 2007

I just wanted to thank the good people at Kellam Knives for making such wonderfully crafted Finnish knives available to the American public.

I have been a knife enthusiast for several years and have bought and used a plethora of modern folders, hunting/survival knives and small pocket knives, but none have captivated me as much as the traditional knives of Finland. Their simplicity, ruggedness and functional beauty is unmatched. These are knives I can truly use with confidence. I have bought a handful of Marttiini, Järvenpää and Roselli models and I love them all. (especially the Roselli Carpenter model!) For their modest prices, they are very high in quality. I have put them all to good use and am very pleased with their performance and comfort. If I were to have only one knife, it would definitely be a Finnish puukko purchased from Kellam Knives.

I also wanted to thank both Harriet and Jouni for perfecting the lost art of customer service. I have bought knives from many distributors and retailers, but I have never had the pleasure of speaking to such friendly and helpful people like Harriet and Jouni Kellokoski. Your customer service is number 1!!!

Again thank you very very much
Testimonial By: Javier Ortiz

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