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Thanks again

Saturday 08 December, 2007

The Kellam Outfitter is a very useful size for around the house and yard. The folder is such a good design. Well done. I have shown it to my friends and they all like it. Thanks again for such beautiful tools.
Testimonial By: Jon Marlin — Australia

The best steel

Saturday 08 December, 2007

We met in the Alabama show in Feb. You have some of the best steel I've ever worked with.
Testimonial By: Roger Wilbur — NM

My best carving knives

Saturday 08 December, 2007

I am a wood carver, hunter and survivalist. My best carving knives are Finnish.
Testimonial By: Franchot Smith — AZ

Holds a good edge

Saturday 08 December, 2007

I have an old puukko that my father bought in 1950. It still will hold a good edge.
Testimonial By: Luke Beck — GA

Fan of puukko knives

Saturday 08 December, 2007

I've been a 'Fan' of puukko knives since 1948 when a great uncle gave me one. It has remained to this day my favorite knife, as well as most used.
Testimonial By: Gary J. Breese — WI

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