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Mahalo Nui Loa

Saturday 08 December, 2007

Aloha from Honolulu, Harriet! "Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank you very much)" for your kind e-mail. It is very nice to hear from special friends such as yourself, from the Mainland U.S. Yes, as a matter of fact, I did use it. Thank you for asking. My Hawaii Air National Guard unit (154 Mission Support Flight[154 MSF]) went to the field in Waimanalo to the US Marine Corps Pacific field training area for a 3 day exercise. The Ranger Puukko came in very handy, cutting rope to set up our "GP (general purpose) Medium Tents," stripping "keawe (pronounced ke-a-ve)" wood to start a fire, and even saw some time in the Services kitchen, cutting food to assist the cooks in preparing "kau-kau" ("chow" in military terms)for the troops. Harriet, I'm very happy with my Ranger Puukko. May I please ask to send Mr. JP Peltonen, a message that there is "one Happy Hawaiian" using his Puukko! Thank you very much again Harriet, perhaps the next time we'll get some Kona Coffee and Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts Chocolates to you and the nice folks at Kellam Knives!

Me Ke Aloha Pumehana (With Warm Regards)
Testimonial By: Russell

Thank You!!

Saturday 08 December, 2007

I recently ordered a Roselli Leuku. I've ordered from many internet knife stores, but I think yours is the fastest, most courteous I've done business with yet. Thank You!! I do have a question. My Roselli Leuku has a black unfinished face to it, as all Rosellis do, but with the black color there is also some brown or rust color to the metal. Is this rust???! Or is it just a normal part of the unfinished metal? I don't think you would knowingly sell a rusted blade. But please explain what the brown color is. Is this part of the forging process? Looking forward to hearing and doing more business with you.

Testimonial By: Terance Arakaki — Portland, Oregon

Prompt Delivery

Saturday 08 December, 2007

Harriet, I received the knives on the 8th of March. I was and am very impressed with the prompt delivery of this merchandise. I am once again a satisfied customer.
You and Jouni are the best!"
Testimonial By: Terry Maki

R 275 Roselli Leuku

Saturday 08 December, 2007

I purchased an R 275 Roselli Leuku from you a while ago and just wanted to let you know it has performed well for me. My son and I took part in a deer depredation hunt about 50 miles north of Lusk, Wyoming this month. During the hunt, I carried the Leuku with me as well as a Roselli Hunter. We both harvested mule deer, and both the Hunter and the Leuku were used to field dress both deer. Both knives were also used to skin and cut up both deer (I do my own butchering of the game I harvest). After splitting the breastbone lengthwise on both deer, plus cutting both of them up, including deboning all of the meat, the Leuku is still sharp enough to shave hair from my arm. That's impressive, and I'm not that easily impressed, having had my share of equipment fail me in the field when I needed it most. So, thanks for carrying this line of moderately priced, no-frills, high performance working knives.
Testimonial By: Wayne VanDamme — Casper, WY

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