Vintage Fred Carter Dagger


An early creation of master artisan, Dr. Fred Carter. Elegant blade design with graceful concave grind and mirror polish. Carefully made and beautifully balanced in weight, line and style. Dr. Fred Carter is one of the finest makers of Art Daggers in the world. He also produces stunning art folders, and is one of 25 members of the elite Art Knife Invitational. He is also featured in a full chapter in David Darom's book on the worlds finest folding knife makers. Fred Carter has forged his reputation as one of the industry's most renowned custom knifemakers.

In his own words: "I became interested in handmade knives in the early 70's and joined the Knifemakers Guild in 1976. Over the years I have made just about every type of knife from daggers to folders. My design philosophy is to produce clean, restrained, flowing designs accentuated by engraving and gold work. I am the sole author of all of my work including engraving and gold inlay. In addition to my accomplishments with designing production knives, I have won the Beretta Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship, the W.W. Cronk Award for Best Knife at the Knifemaker's Guild Show (twice), and served two terms as president of the Knifemaker's Guild." Fred Carter

Product Details:
  • Blade: 11.5" Stainless Steel
  • Handle: 5.75" Stainless with leather inlay
  • Bolsters: Stainless
  • Total length of knife: 17.5”
  • Sheath: 12.75" Iron Wood with stainless tip and mother of pearl cabochon
  • Weight: 13 oz
  • Weight w/sheath: 17 oz
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