Antique Cossack Silver Dagger 35/50


This antique dagger is a beautiful example of fine Niello workmanship in very good condition. Both sides are full of decorative details and varied in style and in the silver work. Niello is a black mixture of copper, silver, and lead sulfides, used as an inlay on engraved or etched metal. A very handsome presentation piece.

Product Details:
  • Blade: 14" Signed Carbon Steel
  • Handle: 4.5" Silver
  • Total length of knife: 18.25”
  • Sheath: 15.25" Silver
  • Total length with Sheath: 19.75"
  • Weight: 12.7 oz
  • Weight w/sheath: 23 oz
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  • Item ID: ACCD35

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