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This is a knife full of stories - some known, some unknown. It has a traditional puukko style blade in carbon steel with a brass bolster and a hefty curly birch handle. The lower part of the sheath has four points symbolizing the four directions of the wind as is also seen on Saami men's hats. the hair embelishing the front of the sheath is from the reindeer, the food and livelyhood of the Saami. The two tassels on the sheath are for shaking before the hunt to chase the bad sprits away.

Product Details:
  • Blade: 3.75" Forged Carbon Steel
  • Handle: 4.5" Curly Birch
  • Bolster: Brass
  • Total length of knife: 8”
  • Sheath: Leather w/reindeer fur and leather tassels
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