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Tundra Puukko with Wood & Leather Sheath


I have been a fan of Nordic knives, Saami (Sami) culture, and Scandinavian bush craft for many years. Recently I purchased one of the Tundra Puukko knives with wood and leather sheath (which I must say compliments the mushroom knife with antler I purchased). My review is that this is one fantastic, well made great looking knife ! Furthermore I am very pleased with my purchase of Tundra Puukko. This knife is made to take on whatever chores one needs to address in the forest, skin, butcher, carve, etc... but is the type of tool one can be proud of having, over time becoming a trusted cherished accessory. Carbon steel, antler and birch wood beats plastic every time ! Buy something made to last many generations, not just a couple years, hand it down to your children and grand children. You will always get top of the line professional friendly service and products from Kellam Knives. This a the place to get Nordic knives and accessories !!!!
Date Added: 05/01/2015 by Wade Mashburn
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